• As a fast growing new bank, we have really appreciated the efficiency and effectiveness that AFP has added to our construction loan processes.  Construction lending can be risky if it is not monitored correctly.  With AFP we can more quickly and accurately track our construction loans so that we can disburse funds in a timely manner.  What this translates to for us is that our customer gets their money quicker and we start earning interest on that money quicker. Before we were trying to manage everything manually and our customers and staff were frustrated, confused and overwhelmed.  AFP has made all of our jobs easier and as a result we have customers that are happy and organized. We have customers of all sizes – from $100,000 single family homes to a $14,000,000 multi phase town home development.  AFP has allowed us to manage all of these projects with relative ease. Patrick, your responsiveness to our inquiries has been timely and appropriate.  We appreciate the hands on approach you and your staff take in getting things done for us.  We look forward to growing with you

    J.K. / Riverview Community Bank /

  • AFP is Awesome! Here at Riverview Community Bank we have found that the Application for Payment System has helped simplify and all in all organize our construction draw process. The software is very user friendly in both the Lender version as well as the Contractor version. No matter what compliance guidelines you may have to follow, the staff at AFP will work with you and modify their software to fit the needs of your institution and the growing construction world.  I would definitely recommend AFP to another institution!

    R.S. / Riverview Community Bank /

  • As a disbursement administrator, I have come to rely on the accuracy and dependability of AFP. It is very user friendly even to the contractor’s and borrower’s who like that they are fully involved in the process, and the draws are funded to them in a timely manner. The check plus systems is another added plus to the whole process. Overall it is an excellent products and customer service far exceeds any expectations. When I can say to a customer “you draw request is ready” and their response to this “already” then you know you have a wonderful product.

    J.A. / First Regional Bank /